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The BARKA Foundation
P.O. Box 2, Burlington, ME 04417


Fondation BARKA
B.P. 88
Fada N’Gourma
Burkina Faso

(Attention donors, please do not send checks or donations to Burkina Faso. Instead, use the US address above)

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Volunteer with the BARKA Team

All of the success BARKA has achieved to date has been through talented volunteers, both old and young. If you have skills you want to apply to “be the change you wish to see in the world” (to quote Mohatma Gandhi), please send us a resume and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Become a BARKA Foundation UN Representative

On an annual basis, BARKA also seeks a Representative and Youth Representative to the United Nations to attend NGO Briefings at the UN headquarters in NYC and to further cultivate BARKA’s relationship with the agencies of the UN. If you’re interested in either of these positions, let us know.

Intern with Us

Internships at BARKA are available in both the US and Burkina Faso. Potential interns should be students or recent graduates with an interest in or coursework related to the environment, human rights, global health, women’s empowerment, or development.

Invite Us to Give a Presentation

Contact us to have a representative from BARKA Foundation visit your school or community.

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