The Joy of Water – Construction of a well in Lampiadi

In the midst of hot season, the heat in Burkina approaches its highest temperatures of the year, enduring a stagnant 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit between the months of March and May. Water scarcity becomes a dangerous concern as last year’s rainy season was weak and not enough rain has satiated the hunger of the rivers and dams. Each day that passes, rainy season encroaches, meaning that the air gets thicker and slowly begins suffocating the atmosphere until the rain releases the heat. Through surviving these hardships, the Burkinabe have learned techniques to overcome these obstacles. Water is their savior; rather, clean water. It keeps their children healthy and makes their food taste better. It’s what keeps their  body cool.

The village of Lampiadi has continued, to this day, to walk 7km to obtain what so many easily have at their fingertips. Access to clean water was a lingering issue that the village has expressed to BARKA. With many villagers sometimes choosing the alternative, dirty water sources, it has been established as the origin of most health complications and diseases in the community. Last year, BARKA embarked upon the journey of bringing a clean water source to the villagers of Lampiadi. After negotiations, trainings, and hard work, the village of Lampiadi with the aid of the BARKA Foundation was able to begin organizing the installation of their first pump in the community.

With the full support of BARKA, the community mobilized itself and was ready to participate in a project that would forever be beneficial to their lives. This past November, the village formed a committee that began a six-month training directed by BARKA. Committee members established an action plan in order to tackle future obstacles and costs in maintaining the pump. Another team of hygienists also consolidated, receiving a two-month BARKA training in well maintenance and hygiene. They learned about sanitation techniques and how to teach these techniques to others in Lampiadi. The motivation of the village in conjunction with the motivation of the BARKA Foundation has finally brought along what everyone has been waiting for: the final implementation stage of a water pump.

This past weekend, Ina and Esu with the rest of Lampiadi began these final stages: the drilling of the well and pump installation!

For the first time ever, the people of Lampiadi have a nearby clean water source. For the first time ever, the people of Lampiadi can practice at ease proper hygiene and sanitation techniques. For the first time ever, the people of Lampiadi will endure a much more manageable hot season.

The pump pushes 2,000L of water per hour, sustaining the village and bringing a newfound joy that many have never had the chance to experience. The people will finally be able to have a constant source of clean water supply, take better care of their children as most cases of diarrhea are due to dirty water ingestion, take frequent baths to stay clean and keep cool, and cook meals that are properly prepared as the village will be more capable in rinsing their food before cooking it. This pump symbolizes the positive changes the people can make to live longer and healthier lives.

But the excitement does not end there.

In Burkina Faso, it is customary to show appreciation and gratitude by organizing a ceremony. This weekend, in order to finalize the project and celebrate the pride that many in Lampiadi feel, an inauguration will be held. This day, many will feast, dance, drink dolo (locally brewed millet beer), and listen to live music. A theater troupe will also be performing, in which a couple of members engaged in a training to learn more about water and sanitation. With their new knowledge, these members were able to write a profound script, demonstrating the first steps of awareness campaigns in showing the people of Lampiadi proper sanitation and hygiene techniques. Throughout this hectic week in preparing this tremendous celebration, Peace Sarambe and Karim will be organizing the details and costs of this event. A famous restaurant entrepreneur from Fada N’Gourma, Madame Fraiche, will be catering the event. Many VIPs will be present, as well as the King of Yamba, the capital of the department Lampiadi is located in. This celebration exemplifies the thankfulness of the people of Lampiadi and further strengthens the bond between Lampiadi and BARKA.

The BARKA Foundation would like to give a special thanks to the Marblehead Rotary Club and the Swampscott Rotary Club. This achievement would not have been possible without your support and help.

Now BARKA engages in its next step of monitoring and evaluating project techniques and pump maintenance.

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