A Look Back at All We Achieved This Past Year:

  • Produced and hosted Burkina Faso’s national World Water Day celebration: The Water Fair, a 5-day event beautifully chronicled in this film.
    • In the process we met the First Lady of Burkina Faso, the US Ambassador to Burkina, and a host of other ministers and dignitaries.
  • Launched the International Water Fund, a finance mechanism to fund water projects in the east.
    • The First Lady inaugurated the Water Fund with a $2000 donation
    • The US Embassy of Burkina made a $10,000 grant for theatre sensitization
  • Created partnerships with 2 dozen enterprises, NGOs and government ministries
  • Completed the well in Lampiadi to provide clean drinking water for 600 people and made a film profiling the impact for the village
  • Tested the water quality and conducted questionnaires of the water filters we sold to villagers in 2017
  • Tested the water quality and assessed the functionality of water committees in the 6 villages where BARKA has drilled wells
  • Established community gardens adjacent to the wells with 3 village partners
  • Expanded BARKA’s MHM project by sensitizing 500 more girls and partnering with a new high school (our 6th).
  • Co-organized the national MHM Day celebration with Wateraid, UNICEF, Plan International and other NGOs a whole lot bigger than we are!
  • Participated in a “best practices” conference with every other organization in Burkina working in the cutting edge field of MHM
  • Began a search for land for a permanent headquarters in the Eastern region
  • Hosted a delegation of 4 long-time BARKA staffers from Burkina in the US for 3 weeks where they attended the Board of Director’s Annual Retreat
  • Received an incredible donation of goods from USAID including a 55 KVA generator, numerous laptops, desktops, printers, phones, desks, chairs and more
  • Sponsored 3 local cultural events in the East
  • Attended the National Water Forum and hosted a booth for the Water Fair
  • Were nominated for a Water Trophy Award
  • Established a wide array of protocols and operational procedures for greater efficiency and transparency of our operations on the ground
  • Hosted an internship for a Williams College graduate in Fada N’Gourma
  • Added two new members to BARKA’s Board of Directors
And to give you a hint of where things are headed in 2019, we developed two new major projects:
  • A 24-well WASH project (water, sanitation & hygiene) for a community of 150,000
  • A comprehensive women’s reproductive health and rights program that will be the first to distribute menstrual cups in Burkina Faso’s history.
And we’ve done all this on an annual operations budget of less than $100,000.
To say that the “Little NGO that Could” is lean and mean is an understatement!
We’d like to sincerely thank our dedicated and loving team on the ground, our incredible and tireless volunteers in the US, our Board of Directors, all of our advisors and partners, and you– because without your generous support, none of this would be possible. You have proved to us that dreams can come true and that individuals can make a difference, even in a remote rural African village thousands of miles away.
We hope you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because you’re a part of this success and what you’ve helped to bring into the world is larger than any of us.

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Barka… and HAPPY NEW YEAR!