On May 28, Menstrual Hygiene Day, BARKA’s 3 top Menstrual Health Project Leaders took to the radio waves to sensitize the entire eastern region about menstrual issues, breaking the silence on this taboo subject.

The 3 women, Madame Salimata Zalle, Madame Awa Traore, and Madame Elvire Bonkoungou entered the radio Station of BARKA’s local partner Tin Tua Association and provided information about the menstrual cycle, and how menstruating women and girls can take proper hygienic care of themselves and their daughters. They answered questions and demystified a process with which far too many girls and women of Burkina Faso are unfamiliar. The program airs to over 50,000 people and will be repeated again later this month.

The radio program, conducted in French and hosted by Peace Sarambe, BARKA’s General Manager, is now available for on demand listening here: