ECOWAS Decision

At about 7pm here in Burkina, the nation received the word everyone’s been waiting for- the decision of ECOWAS. RSP must lay down their arms. General Diendere must cede power back to the transition govrrnment. Michel Kafando will be symbolically sworn back in as...

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The Plot Thickens

The 10am ultimatum was defied by the Presidential Guard. The situation in Ouagadougou is tense and fluid. The nation’s loyalist army has taken control of the streets and told citizens to return to their homes.  Right now, the streets ouf Ouaga are deserted. The army...

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Good overviews of recent events:   Two very thorough blog posts which go into more of the background and socio-political context leading up to the coup:...

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Emergency Message to US Citizens from US Embassy

We just received this email message from the US Embassy. RSP has taken out the internet and communications backbone of the nation in an attempt to thwart the kind of social networking and mobilization that proved so effective during the Arab Spring and the October 30...

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Ironic Peace Day Maneuvers

It’s Peace Day, the International Day of Peace, yet Burkina Faso is far from peaceful at this moment. Last night word spread of a draft proposal that would free the hostages (Interim President Michel Kafando, Prime Minister Zida--who was the 2nd in command of the RSP...

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Dear Friends, we are writing from Fada N'Gourma, ‪#‎burkinafaso‬ where the military has taken over the country through a coup that has not been entirely bloodless. On Wednesday evening, shortly after the Interim President and his entire cabinet were taken hostage,...

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