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After Coup in Burkina Faso, Protesters Turn to Russia for Help

After Coup in Burkina Faso, Protesters Turn to Russia for Help

Fed up with the failure of their government, and France, to stop the violence caused by militants, some citizens now call for Russia to intervene.

A coup in Burkina Faso will help the Sahel’s jihadists

Military rule will exacerbate the problems that have allowed extremism to thrive.

After Coup in Burkina Faso, Protesters Turn to Russia for Help

Burkina Faso army warns ex-officials in talks over transition

The ruling military in Burkina Faso warns ex-ministers not to leave the country during talks over the transitional period.

The poor hygienic management of menstruation is the cause of school dropout for young girls

This Monday, May 25, 2020 was held the commemoration ceremony of the World Menstrual Hygiene Day. Under the theme “It’s time to act”, this day aims to take stock and reflect on finding ways and means to support girls in the management of their menses.

Coronavirus in crisis-hit Burkina Faso: Healthcare centres close as cases rise

The growing number of COVID-19 cases in Burkina Faso is threatening to overwhelm the country’s war-weakened health system and complicate efforts to respond to one of the world’s fastest-growing displacement crises.

In eastern Burkina Faso, spreading violence and little international aid

‘Having abandoned everything, they have no resources to take care of themselves.’

How Burkina Faso’s ‘Iron Biby’ moved from being fat-shamed to one of the world’s strongest men

Cheick Ahmed al-Hassan Sanou is a 27-year-old man from Burkina Faso. He had gone from the boy who was bullied for being fat, to one of the strongest men in the world.

Born in 1992, Iron Biby, as he is affectionately called, realized when he was five that he was different from his siblings due to his weight.

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Burkina Faso Registers Surge In COVID-19 Cases, Hospitals Under Pressure

Burkina Faso hospitals struggle with new wave of COVID-19

Students in Burkina Faso fear extremists more than COVID-19

New study on the economic impact of the pandemic in Burkina Faso

Coronavirus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month

Out of sight, people suffer from a rise in violence in eastern Burkina Faso

“A disaster within a disaster” – In Burkina Faso, terrorism and COVID-19 pose a double threat

Burkina Faso struggles against COVID-9 and extremist threats

Young entrepreneur manufactures solar-powered body disinfector

The confluence of conflict, corruption, and coronavirus in Burkina Faso

Coronavirus curfew creates water shortage for Burkina Faso’s poorest

Burkina Faso: UNHCR warns about rising rate of COVID-19 cases

In Burkina Faso, aid groups face a test of the ‘humanitarian-development nexus’

Pandemic devastates growth prospects in West African states Coronavirus hurts economic growth in Sahel states

Why Africa is at risk of Coronavirus catastrophe

Burkina Faso frees prisoners to stem virus spread

Burkina Faso crisis and COVID-19 concerns highlight pressure on Sahel food security

Coronavirus in crisis-hit Burkina Faso – Healthcare centers close as cases rise

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Calls for increased support for displaced amidst deteriorating humanitarian crisis, emergence of COVID-19 in Burkina Faso

In West African coronavirus hot spot, war has left 700,000 homeless and exposed

Africa Braces for Coronavirus, but Slowly

In Burkina Faso, COVID-19 fight complicated by war, displacement


Why Burkina Faso’s Transition Offers Lessons in How to Manage a Constitutional Crisis

Burkina Faso mounts first stone monument in memory of Thomas Sankara

Kéré Architecture uses clay for a school in Burkina Faso to tackle climate

Burkina Faso Refugee Dancers

Thomas Sankara: last moments, last witnesses, last secrets…

Thomas Sankara: An Icon Of Revolution

Les Amazones D’Afrique: A Virtual Live Performance

Hugues Fabrice Zango: “I’m starting to become famous”

Under coronavirus curfew, West African bard offers escape via live-stream

Why a Frenchman built a ‘Tudor’ castle in Burkina Faso

Driving trucks, blasting rocks – Women break the mold in Burkina Faso gold mines

Burkina Faso TV star inspiring fellow albinos to excel without fear or shame

In Ougadougou, the man who tames cars

Photos of Burkina Faso’s contemporary dance festival turns the discourse away from terror

Bobo YéYé: Belle Époque In Upper Volta

Photos of Burkina Faso from Ulli Maier and Nisa Maier

David Pace photos of Burkina Faso kiosks

Irene Abdou’s Photos of Fulani Life and Culture of Burkina Faso

‘Echo’ lamp is a poetic love song to West African culture

In Burkina Faso, being transgender means living in the shadows

Burkina Faso – African dolls challenge Barbie stereotype (video)

In Burkina Faso, a sister uses music to fight forces of darkness

Cocoa’s Child Laborers

Francis Kéré brings soul of Gando to Coachella

Rare photos uncover Burkina Faso’s underground club scene

Beautiful photographs of Burkina Faso’s ‘People of the Night’

Honey from Burkina Faso: Endangered foods from around the world

Montclair brewery celebrates Black History Month with special brews

Beautiful box sets for holiday gift-giving

German bank KfW tests blockchain solution “TruBudget” in Burkina Faso

Francis Kéré designs a wooden art pavilion for Tippet Rise

Ruins of Loropeni shed light on Ancient Gold Trade and are thought to hold more mysteries

Burkina Faso inches toward justice for Compaore-Era heavyweights

Princess Guimbi Ouattara, the 19th-century heroine who used diplomacy to protect her city in Burkina Faso

Yennenga, the Dagomba Warrior Princess whose son founded the Mossi Kingdom of West Africa

Sanle Sory’s joyful photographs of Burkina Faso in the 1970s

Burkina Faso music honored at Grammys, but artists cry foul

How people get around in one rural African village

News and Politics

Angelina Jolie marks World Refugee Day with refugees in Burkina FasoRemarks by UNHCR Special Envoy, Ms. Angelina Jolie, on World Refugee Day

Former Burkina Faso leader Compaore charged in predecessor Sankara’s murder

Children in Burkina Faso undergo historic heart surgeries

2020 in review: Food security

World’s fastest-growing jihadist insurgency is bringing Burkina Faso to its knees

Vaccine storage issues could leave 3 billion people without access

Burkina Faso’s Invisible War

ECHOES OF THE SAHEL – Burkina Faso Elections Special Edition

African village where every building is a canvas, whether it is a house, palace or tomb for their dead

Burkina Faso President Kabore secures re-election, preliminary results show

Burkina Faso: Elections Will Be Tricky, but the Country Has an Even Bigger Problem


How has Burkina Faso changed since the ‘insurrection’?

Elections will be tricky, but Burkina Faso has an even bigger problem

Floods kill at least 13 and injure 19 in Burkina Faso

More than half a million children under five in Burkina Faso are acutely malnourished – UNICEF

Conflict and coronavirus spark a hunger crisis in Burkina Faso

Armed Violence Displaces More Than 1 Million in Burkina Faso

Burkina: Covid-19, terrorism overshadow 60th anniversary

The grim life of Burkina’s cesspit cleaners

Burkina Faso, five years after “Revolution 2.0”

Burkina Faso: First Stone Monument in Memory of Thomas Sankara

Burkina Faso’s Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis Calls for Stronger International Support

Burkina Faso: Government Launches Water and Sanitation Program For €274 Million

The Challenges to Burkina Faso’s Democracy

The Promise of ‘New International Economic Order’

Burkina Faso Says Paris Court Dismissed $2.2 Billion Claim Over Manganese Mine Contract

Burkina Faso Unveils Thomas Sanskara’s Majestic Statue in Ouagadougou

Fespaco: Banned Lesbian Love Story Rafiki Wins Award

Inspired by #MeToo, FESPACO Film Festival Actresses Call Out Sexual Harassment

One of Africa’s Most Influential Film Festivals Has Survived DVDs and Now Terrorism 

Burkina Faso Investigating Troop Execution Claims

Lessons to Be Learnt from Burkina Faso’s Decision to Drop GM Cotton

Burkina Faso: Blaise Compaoré and the Politics of Personal Enrichment By Peter Dorrie

Terrorism and Security

Child soldiers aged 12-14 massacre 130 in Burkina Faso

Battles Over Water Are Stoking a War in Africa’s Sahel

Burkina Faso: in the grip of a triple crisis – armed conflict, COVID-19 and floods

Burkina Faso’s wildlife reserves have become a battle zone, overrun by militants and poachers

Over 180 Bodies Found Dumped in Burkina Faso Town, Report Says

Sahel – a new battlefield between IS and Al-Qaeda?


Analysis: Islamic State claims Al Qaeda started a war in West Africa

Jihadist groups in Sahel exploiting pandemic to step up attacks: UN chief

This vigilante says he’s fighting terrorism. Is he also backing massacres?

Crisis in the Sahel becoming France’s forever war

Four questions on the unprecedented humanitarian emergency in Burkina Faso

The country of honest men at a crossroad

Masked men, murder and mass displacement: How terror came to Burkina Faso

Canadian and Italian kidnapped in Burkina Faso turn up safe in Mali

The local roots of violence in Eastern Burkina Faso

Pentagon to decide soon on possible troop cut in West Africa

Mission impossible for France in the Sahel

Disaster in the making? US to withdraw from Africa

Islamic extremism wracks Burkina Faso, spreading East

Briefing: Burkina Faso’s rapid descent catches emergency response off guard

Is organized crime fuelling terror groups in Liptako-Gourma?

In Burkina Faso, cheap improvised ‘poor man’s bomb’ reaps a bloody toll

‘Soldiers killed seven members of my family’

How a preacher sent gunmen into Burkina Faso’s schools

Inside Burkina Faso’s Failing Fight Against Jihadism

Change of regime leaves Burkina Faso disillusioned

Flee or Die: The Cruel Choice in Jihad Hit Burinsa Faso

French Troops in Mali anti-jihadist Campaign Mired in Mud and Mistrust

Ansaraul Islam: The Rise and Decline of a Militant Islamist in the Sahel.

The Sahel Uncertainty: Climate Change and Insurgency

Four Christians Singled Out For Wearing Crosses, Executed in Northern Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso parliament passes legal revisions criminalizing false news, reporting on terrorism

Burkina Faso, Part Two: Communities buckle as conflict ripples through the Sahel

Burkina Faso, Part One: Spreading violence triggers an ‘unprecedented’ crisis

146 Terroristes “Neutralized” by the FDS: A Summary Execution According to the MBDHP (Fr)

Why is Violence Increasing in Burkina Faso?

Mali Refugees Arrest: Fears in Burkina Faso

Where Terrorism is Rising in Africa and the U.S is Leaving

Ansaroul Islam and the Growing Terrorist Insurgency in Burkina Faso

Fear of Attacks Keeps 150,000 Children Away From School in Burkina Faso

Terrorism Threatens a Former Oasis of Stability in West Africa

Growing Terrorism in Burkina Faso

Kirk Woodman: Canadian mine worker killed in Burkina Faso

Innocents abroad: Why do so many Canadians still ignore travel warnings?

Burkina Faso Declares State Of Emergency In North Following Attacks

France Vows Aid for Burkina, But No More Troops to Fight Islamists

General denies leading Burkina Faso coup

Blowback in Africa: How America’s Counterterror Strategy Helped Destabilize Burkina Faso.

Hundreds of schools shut in Burkina Faso over jihadi attacks

The Social Roots of Jihadist Violence in Burkina Faso’s North

Jihadism entrenches itself in Burkina Faso with bullets and bribes

Liptako-Gourma: epicentre of the Sahel crisis?

Warning from the Sahel: Al Queda’s Resurgent Threat