What Your Gift Can Do!

  • $15,000 The cost of a new drilled well.  For a donation in this amount, BARKA will build a well with a dedicated plaque in your honor
  • $2500 The cost to construct two gender specific composting toilets at a school in need
  • $500 Will pay for 24 women to become trainers in menstrual health and hygiene, able to lead workshops and provide instruction on the proper use of the menstrual cup
  • $365 More than the average Burkinabe makes in 1 year
  • $111 The Gift of Water: the number 1 is associated with water in the cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso.
  • $50 Will pay the cost to train one woman to be a community Menstrual Cups educator, and outfit her immediately with a “starter kit” so she can begin field work right away
  • $25 Will pay for instructional materials and supplies for Menstrual Cup education sessions for up to 60 women
  • $10 Give Small! This is an expression in Burkina where they say even a small gift is a huge benefit.