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Thank you for being here and joining hands with BARKA Foundation to support its work.

We have recently launched our Sustaining Donor Program: for a monthly recurring donation of $25 or more, your first month’s donation will be matched up to $500, and you will gain access to a quarterly conference call with BARKA’s co-founders and staffers for a personal update on the work in Burkina Faso and the USA.

Thank you for your consideration and your generosity. Barka!

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What Your Gift Can Do!

  • $15,000 The cost of a new drilled well.  For a donation in this amount, BARKA will build a well with a dedicated plaque in your honor
  • $2500 The cost to construct two gender specific composting toilets plus hygiene education
  • $500 The cost for an irrigation pump to grow crops in the dry season and bolster food security
  • $365 More than the average Burkinabe makes in 1 year
  • $250 Amount BARKA gave to 87 women to begin its first microcredit program.
  • $111 Graciousness; Named after a BARKA donor named Gracious who knows that the number 1 is associated with water in the cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, and that water is everything
  • $50 Amount it cost BARKA in 2012 to deliver clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education to one person in the village of Tantiaka
  • $25 BARKA has 25 volunteers
  • $10 BARKA is developing 10 projects collectively in the US and Burkina, none of which will move forward without your critical financial support!
Welcome Federal Employees:
BARKA is now a registered charity in the US Government’s Combined Federal Campaign.
BARKA Foundation’s 5-digit CFC Code is: #51355
Thank you for your support!

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