Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)

In 2017, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, BARKA implemented a project to empower girls by taking control over their own bodies and lives through hygienically managing their menstruation.

The subject of menstruation is taboo in Burkina Faso. Girls are rarely informed prior to experiencing it. This lack of understanding and preparation can lead to embarrassing situations for girls causing alienation, isolation and shame– which can become so great, it can end a girl’s education. At best, many days of school are missed each month, making it hard for girls to excel in classes, play sports, or even just feel at ease.

“Menstrual Hygiene Management” is an important issue BARKA is integrating into its hygiene education programs in local schools. Thankfully, we are working with two phenomenal UNICEF-trained, local female teachers in Fada’s two biggest high schools to create a massive awareness campaign for girls, boys, parents and teachers.