Burkina Faso took one step closer to normal today.

The nation breathed a sigh of relief when Michel Kafando was reinstated as President this morning, along with Isaac Zida as Prime Minister.

Presidents from Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana and Senegal arrived this morning and were greeted by coup leader General Diendere on a red carpet. Many people couldn’t understand why Diendere was doing the greeting, however as the reinstatement ceremony was underway at the time, Diendere took it upon himseld as one of his final acts of his self-declared 7-day presidency. The diplomatic corps also threatened to boycott the reinstatement ceremony if Diendere showed up.

Once President Kafando was back in power, he issued a statement asking everyone to remain calm and mobilized. He said the transition to democracy had been exemplary and was surprised to see it halted. He added that the reaction on the streets and the condemnation of the international community prove that it was right. He also said that elections may now be delayed.

Later in the day, Diendere met behind closed doors with the heads of states. The subject of that meeting is unknown, however shortly after it, Diendere held a press conference in which he said, “The biggest mistake was carrying out this coup. I regret the lives lost and time wasted”. He also said RSP would disarm in the coming days and perhaps most significantly that he was ready to face justice. He concluded his statement by remarking, ”The coup is over.  Let’s stop talking about it.”

ECOWAS said a fund would be created for the victims’ families. The official death toll is 13 with over 100 people injured.