BARKA empowers the people of Burkina Faso to thrive by partnering with rural villages to break the poverty cycle…permanently.


Supporting Women and Girls Through Menstrual Health (MH) and

Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene...

Our approach starts with Clean Drinking Water, Improved Sanitation & Hygiene Education for All

Theatre Sensitization

BARKA uses “Social Art” to catalyze behavior change on a wide range of issues in schools and villages


Building bridges between the U.S. and Burkina Faso through service learning programs in schools that change lives and develop leadership


Wells Drilled

Latrines Constructed in 5 Rural Primary Schools

People Sensitized Through Theatre Performances

Beneficiaries in Rural Villages

MHM Cabins Constructed to Support Menstrual Hygiene

BARKA is monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic within Burkina Faso.

Check here for the latest updates.

BARKA is responding to the crisis with a robust hand washing sensitization campaign.

What Clean Water Means for a Village

Highlights from The Water Fair

A Video Love Letter to Burkina Faso

US Ambassador Sings BARKA’s Praises

BARKA Co-Founders Ina & Esu Anahata present The Mogho Naaba with a Peace Award

“I am the Mossi King representing more than half of the Burkina Faso population. My full support of The BARKA Foundation is based on the social, spiritual, economic, and moral benefit for the people of Burkina. Together we hope to change the world in some small yet significant way for the betterment of all.”

His Majesty, Emperor Mogho Naaba

Where in the World is Burkina Faso?

Burkina by Numbers 

Have you ever heard of Burkina Faso? Here’s why you should care…

The Flip Side

The statistics behind one of poorest nations on the planet are sobering. But they don’t tell the whole story.

The Meaning of BARKA

“‘Barka’ is an African word of gratitude, blessing & reciprocity.

Why we chose this ancient word.

News from Burkina Faso

BARKA spans the globe searching the internet every day to hand pick interesting articles about life in Burkina Faso. News, Security, Indigenous Culture, the Arts, and more can be found in the News Archive we call the BARKIVES.

Spiraling humanitarian crisis in Burkina Faso

Top Story

Coronavirus in crisis-hit Burkina Faso

The growing number of COVID-19 cases in Burkina Faso is threatening to overwhelm the country’s war-weakened health system and complicate efforts to respond to one of the world’s fastest-growing displacement crises.

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Monitoring the impact of COVID-19
BARKA is closely following Coronavirus related cases, deaths, recoveries and news in Burkina Faso through daily updates.

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Media Gallery

BARKA has a collection of thousands of incredible photos and is now putting cameras into the hands of high school students in Burkina Faso.

See the beauty, magic, and hard work that makes up the BARKA story.