WASH = Water + Sanitation + Hygiene Education

BARKA recently completed its largest project to date to improve access to water in 4 villages, introduce and improve sanitation in 4 rural primary schools, and raise awareness of basic hygiene principles at the community level in 5 rural villages.

Social Art

Teaching Basic Hygiene and Good Governance Through Theatre


Using Theatre to Promote AgroEcological Innovations to Small Farmers

Walking for Water

BARKA has worked with over 2 dozen schools in Maine, Massachusetts and New York encouraging young leaders to find their passion, teach an understanding of reciprocity, and instill a sense of global citizenship and planetary responsibility.

Disruptive, Entrepreneurial, Local

BARKA is developing a Burkina Faso-based social enterprise to provide clean drinking water through simple, low-cost, effective ceramic filter technology.

Clean Water for Lampiadi!

Clean Water for Lampiadi!

BARKA drills wells in some of the driest, poorest parts of Burkina Faso which is one of the driest, poorest nations on earth. Made possible thanks to the financial support of The Rotary Foundation and local Rotary Clubs in District 7930.

Villagers used to walk 7km to the nearest well.

Now that is a thing of the past. Watch this beautiful and inspiring video.


Wells Drilled

Latrines Constructed in 5 Rural Primary Schools

People Sensitized Through Theatre Performances

Beneficiaries in Rural Villages

MHM Cabins Constructed to Support Menstrual Hygiene

Welcome Government Employees!
BARKA Foundation is now an official charity of the
US Government’s Combined Federal Campaign.
Our 5-digit CFC Code is #51355.
We are truly grateful for your support. Barka!

Mission, Vision, Values

Barka Foundation serves as a catalyst for sustainable development in Burkina Faso through WASH initiatives (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), education, women’s empowerment and climate mitigation strategies. BARKA builds cross-cultural communication and education between developing and developed nations.

The meaning of “barka”

“Barka” is an African word used across languages and cultures that conveys gratitude, blessing & reciprocity.

Read More about this ancient word and why it was chosen as our name.

BARKA is Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)

Enabling Girls to Take Control Over Their Bodies and Lives

New Directions: Sustainable Agriculture

BARKA Utilizes Social Art Theatre Program to Promote Agroecological Innovations 

Supporting Rural Farmers to: 

  • Increase Crop Yields
  • Improve Soil Quality
  • Adapt to Climate Change
  • Make More Efficient Use of Water

“I am the Mossi King representing more than half of the Burkina Faso population.
 I am a man of peace, having received this country’s highest honor for building peace. My full support of The BARKA Foundation is based on the social, spiritual, economic, and moral benefit for the people of Burkina and for all the people in our global village. It is with gratitude that I acknowledge the respect that BARKA Foundation has shown me and the spiritual traditions of my country. Together we hope to change the world in some small yet significant way for the betterment of all. This is a project for the children of the future and I will employ all within my power to ensure its successful outcome.”

His Majesty, Emperor Mogho Naaba

The 2018 Water Fair

The BARKA Foundation hosted Burkina Faso’s national World Water Day event in Fada N’Gourma.
This 5-day event featured an Exhibition, a Water Conference, a Walk for Water, 3 nights of live concerts and cultural events, and a Gala Dinner to launch the International Water Fund.

Watch the highlights!

Where in the World is Burkina Faso?

Why Burkina?

We didn’t choose Burkina Faso. Burkina chose us.

Burkina by Numbers  

Have you ever heard of Burkina Faso? Here’s why you should care…

The Flip Side

The statistics behind one of poorest nations on the planet are sobering. But they don’t tell the whole story.

News from Burkina Faso

Burkinabè Bounty Trailer

A Barefoot Revolution – Documentary and Reports

Top Story

Change of regime leaves Burkina Faso disillusioned

Five years after an uprising chased Blaise Compaore from power, terrorism and its dire impact on a rural economy cast a pall over a country that had hoped for a democratic, prosperous future.

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Media Gallery

BARKA has a collection of thousands of incredible photos and is now putting cameras into the hands of high school students in Burkina Faso.

See the beauty, magic, and hard work that makes up the BARKA story.