Donor Letter

Anna Saldo Burke is a retired educator who worked closely with BARKA Foundation for years in the process of teaching her 3rd grade students about the Water Cycle.  While working at the Sullivan Elementary School in North Adams, MA, Anna devised a unique and creative...

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[:en]French version of this page available at The French version of this brochure is also available.   About The BARKA Foundation BARKA is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization registered in the US and Burkina Faso. It...

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A propos de BARKA

À propos de La Fondation BARKA. BARKA est une organisation caritative à but non- lucratif enregistrée aux Etats-Unis et au Burkina Faso. La fondation est affiliée au département de l’information des Nations Unies et a un statut consultatif auprès de l’ECOSOC (la...

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It Ain’t Over Yet

After a few days of life returning to some semblance of normal here in Burkina Faso, the country once again is holding its breath as two factions of the army are set to square off against each other. At the time of this writing, the National Army, loyal to the...

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Welcome Federal Employees:
BARKA is now a registered charity in the US Government’s Combined Federal Campaign.
BARKA Foundation’s 5-digit CFC Code is: #51355
Thank you for your support!

View this beautiful art series and letter from one of our Donors.